Instructions, Best Practices, and FAQs for Presenters


Registration for the conference is required in order to access the Zoom links for each session. To access the free registration page, visit

Where to find Zoom links for Individual Events:

  • Once you’ve registered for the conference, you will receive a link to the ClearEvent portal via email— click on that link to get to the portal.
  • Once you are in the ClearEvent portal, click on the “Schedules” icon.
  • Now, select the appropriate day, and scroll to the particular session or event you’d like to attend.
  • The Zoom link is accessible in two places: you can click on the title of the event, or on the word “Virtual” at the bottom of the session.
  • As with all Zoom events, please do not share these links with anyone who has not registered, in order to avoid Zoom bombing or other interruptions.

Zoom Webinar Settings:

  • Most of the conference sessions will take place as Zoom “Webinars”
  • When you enter a Zoom Webinar, it is possible you may be prompted to enter a Zoom name (handle) and your email address
  • For your Zoom handle: we encourage all presenters to include your name—and pronouns you would like people to use when referencing you—in your Zoom handle. This will facilitate question & answer sessions

Tech Questions/Concerns:

  • If you want to check your tech—such as making sure you can share your screen or that your audio works—graduate student “room attendants” from IU will be at panels 10 minutes ahead of time to help with this. If you aren’t available at that time or would like to check tech in advance, please let conference organizers know.
  • If you submitted a pre-recorded video, the “room attendant” will play this for you during your session.
  • If you have general questions about how to share a screen or audio with Zoom, this help page offers a few pointers:
  • During a session, the IU grad student “room attendants” are generally the first line of tech support. For any additional concerns, you can email the conference organizers at There will be an automatic reply message set during the conference in order to address any FAQs, but the organizers will also be regularly checking this account throughout the weekend.

Question & Answer Etiquette:

  • We have disabled the “chat” function while papers are in progress—we will turn the chat on as soon as the question and answer session begins.
  • Attendees will submit questions via the “Q & A” button—as presenters, we encourage you to keep this window closed while you’re presenting to minimize distractions
  • The Q & A window is only viewable by the chair and the panelists.
  • Chairs will then direct questions to the panelists—each chair has received general instructions about the functioning of the Q&A, so feel free to chat with your chair about Q&A directly before your session if you have questions or concerns.

Presentation timings:

  • The time limits for each presentation will be relatively strictly observed, just so that we don’t run behind (lengths for each type of presentation were noted in the CFP here:
  • In the event that your presentation is running unexpectedly long, the chair reserves the right to shorten your Q & A time or remind you that your allotted time is up.

Trigger/content warnings:

  • If you submitted a content or trigger warning to the conference organizers ahead of time, the session chair will announce it along with your name and bio.
  • If you did not submit such a warning but would like to mention content warnings, please feel free to note those briefly at the beginning of your paper

Land acknowledgements or solidarity statements:

  • The conference organizers have included a statement of intention, including a land acknowledgement, in the program.
  • As we are all “in place” despite this virtual meeting, individual presenters are most welcome to include a personal land acknowledgement or solidarity statement at the beginning of their presentations.


  • At the beginning of each paper session, organizers will provide a password-protected link to any available presentation materials (such as scripts, summaries, etc) to aid in accessibility. The materials will be view-only and only available for the duration of the session. We will reiterate at the beginning of each session that these materials should not be reproduced or shared.
  • Zoom also has a live auto-captioning feature that will generate a transcript during sessions
  • If you have any additional accessibility announcements, feel free to make those at the beginning of your presentation.
  • For Keynotes, an ASL interpreter will be available.

Intellectual Property:

  • At the beginning of each session, the chair will make an announcement reminding attendees to refrain from taking screen shots, recordings, or making any other reproduction of any conference materials or events.

Social events:

  • Please make sure that you have updated your Zoom account to the most recent version; this will allow you to move in and out of breakout rooms of your own accord.
  • We have password-protected the Zoom rooms where social events will take place. In order to access these, please use the password mst2021 when prompted.

Social Media:

Want to share thoughts regarding the conference on social media?

  • Feel free to follow us on Instagram @music.sound.trauma
  • Twitter: Music, Sound, and Trauma Conference 2021 @mstconf
  • Use #musicsoundtrauma2021
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